Michael & Hermeka Morgan, Owners

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Phone: (281) 717-8781
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Owners, Michael & Hermeka Morgan at a Dream Tree event.

A message from Michael & Hermeka Morgan

Welcome To Our Water Tree Beaumont Store! Michael Morgan and Hermeka Morgan are a Husband and Wife Dynamic Duo Team, who decided to be part of the innovation of changing the world through promoting Dream Tree Alkaline Antioxidant Healthy Water. After a short time of drinking Dream Tree Alkaline Water, immediately our life started to change, as well as the lives of our family, friends, and all those around us. It was just after running the Chevron Houston Marathon in January of 2013, where Michael’s life changed. He started to notice how more hydrated and pH balanced his body had become just by drinking the water consistently before the Marathon. We also noticed how our body was no longer fatigued and how much energy our body had become after drinking the Dream Tree Alkaline Water.

Several Months later on, October 4th of 2013, we decided to open our first store in Katy, TX. We loved it so much! We opened our 2nd Store in Beaumont, TX in the summer of 2015 to keep the Beaumont Community hydrated. This has truly been a life changing experience in helping our community stay hydrated. Many lives have been changed and we are truly blessed to be part of an amazing company that offers the single most important commodity on earth, which is alkaline water.

We offer an array of Alkaline Water Products, Home and Business Water Purification Systems, Health and Wellness Products, Water Dispensers, Alkaline-on-the-Go products, and much more. Feel free to visit our Store Location!