Robert & Charolette Corey, Owners

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  • The Water Tree Brackettville

Owners, Charolette & Robert Corey.

A message from Robert & Charolette Corey

Robert and Charolette Corey have been in the business of serving local and surrounding communities for over 40 years. They are also co-pastors of Gateway Ministries, Inc. It has been their commitment to sharing God’s unconditional love with those who come their way … to also become advocates for better health whose lives they touch. The two Water Tree Stores (one at 305 E Spring St, Brackettville, TX, and the other at 2817D Del Rio Blvd & Dr. Gates St & Richie Rd., Eagle Pass, TX) have become that outreach for them to assist in achieving this goal. As advocates of better and wholesome health, they offer many kinds of water… Alkaline Water with 7.5pH, 9.5pH, 10.5pH and also our new H2 or Hydrogen Water…. as well as many, many products from shower heads to whole house systems, home hydrogen system, vitamins, beauty products, water containers, and survival “bug out” products which may enhance a person’s quality of life. … all to the Glory of God, … go by and see them to check out their products …or just for a word of encouragement.