Worry, disbelief, resentment, and hopelessness are just a few of the feelings that come up when you hear the word “cancer.”

Cancer is a terrible disease, a bully, that will pick on anyone of any age, gender, or race. Being only second to heart disease, one of every four deaths in the U.S. is a result of cancer. Even with those statistics, it is essential to know that many advances have been made in cancer research and treatment.

National Cancer Control Month is a federally endorsed annual holiday during April that highlights goals to raise awareness about this disease all over the world, encourage regular prevention measures, and make advances in the treatment of cancer.

This month is a time to rededicate ourselves to efforts to prevent cancer and its treatment complications. The goal for all Americans, whether or not they’ve been through cancer, should be to lead healthy, productive lives.

Don’t let cancer win!

Don’t wait until you have a health problem before making necessary changes to your unhealthy lifestyle habits that could stop the illness from happening. We can all reduce our risk by:

  • making sure to eat a healthy diet
  • drinking the best quality water
  • exercising and being active regularly
  • limiting our exposure to harmful sun rays
  • living tobacco-free
  • avoiding excessive alcohol consumption
  • and getting regularly scheduled screenings.

Screenings and preventative measures are our best defenses against the disease. It helps to find cancer cells early and get rid of them. The earlier cancer is detected, the better the prognosis. Talk with your doctor or healthcare provider to learn what preventive actions and screening tests are right for you. The American Cancer Society’s recommendations for cancer screening can be found on their website.

During National Cancer Control Month, we need to continue to support our loved ones who are fighting this disease, cherish those who we’ve lost, celebrate with the ones who have overcome cancer, and commit ourselves to take at least one step in preventing cancer.

The awareness ribbon color for Cancer Awareness is Lavender.


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